The American Institute of Professional Studies (AIPS) has been dedicated to innovative education since 1998. It is one of the world premier professional studies AIPS is one of the largest examination and accreditation bodies worldwide. AIPS provide accreditation for professional training institutions and manages certification schemes for knowledge-based administrators, with its sophisticated global network of worldwide regional offices.


Our vision is to become the premier destination for professional studies by generating interdisciplinary leadership, developing innovative learning, and advancing professional solutions.


Our core values are defined as commitments that our entity.
The will to excel in supporting and enhancing the skills of others.
The Institute System holds a strong commitment to high standards in all aspects of its educational activities, learning outcomes, and support services, on a global scale.


The mission of AIPS is to provide a range of professional studies, informed by global market needs. While fostering engagement, accelerating innovation, and amplifying impact in professional studies. We aim to provide opportunities for individuals to develop intellectual and professional skills preparing students for international, professional industries.

We ensure excellence, in our work we understand the importance of critical thinking, discipline and responsibility, and we provide the highest standards of education for our students.